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Welcome to the

Gateway to the Carson Valley

We are honored that you have chosen to utilize our airport! 

We have provided some resources below that could be beneficial during your visit. In addition, by registering your aircraft as a transient with the airport, the administration office will have your information readily available in the event we need to contact you regarding your aircraft. Thank you and welcome to the Carson Valley!


Thanks for submitting and enjoy your visit!

If you are parking overnight, you can use the envelope that will be attached to your tiedown to pay either cash or check and place it in the drop box next to the administration office. For ATM/Credit, please visit the administration office. 


Transient Fees


Day Use Only

Single Engine 

Glider (Includes Trailer Parking)

Multi Engine (Less then 6,500 lbs)

Multi Engine (More then 6,500 lbs)


No Charge

$10 /Night

$10 /Night

$15 /Night

$20 /Night

For stays exceeding 7 days 


Please visit the administration office for additional information on overnight pricing

Early Morning or Late Night Ramp Access:

The man gate located between the Tailgragger Café and the Patio will allow for access off the ramp and into the parking lot by pressing the button located on the building just left of the gate.

If you are needing ramp access please consider the following options:

Mon-Fri, 8AM - 5PM:     Airport Administration Office

Sun-Sat, 6AM - 8PM:    Taildragger Café

* If you are looking to depart outside of these times, please visit the airport administration offices for arrangements.

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