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2020 Aviation Roundup Cancelled

2020 Aviation Roundup Cancelled

Our community has taken a staggering hit during the COVID 19 pandemic. Our sponsors have lost revenue, had to furlough or lay off employees, and are still facing an exceedingly difficult economic future. Many of our volunteers are facing unemployment or loss of income. With respect to the ongoing conditions, we believe that it would not be proper to ask more from our sponsors and volunteers. Unfortunately, the airshow is not possible without that support.

Due to the unusual circumstances and the unknown future impacts of the COVID 19 pandemic and the uncertain economic future of our community, we are cancelling the 2020 Aviation Roundup Airshow. We regret having to cancel the 2020 air show, but we plan to be back in 2022 and will work diligently to provide the community and region with another great airshow.

Thank you so very much for your continuing support and participation. We appreciate what our sponsors, volunteers, and attendees have provided for the past success of the show. We wish everyone a safe and healthy remainder of the year, and we will see you in 2022.

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