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We strive to maintain a positive relationship with the surrounding community. If you are wishing to notify us of a noise issue or concern, please utilize our online reporting form so we can properly document the incident and investigate the circumstances. We are always willing to follow up with you, if you would like us to reach out to you please indicate this on the form.

The Minden-Tahoe Airport Noise Program provides pilots with specific information on flying their aircraft as quietly as possible and avoiding unnecessary flights over residential areas. It is our goal to be a good neighbor and respect the peacefulness of our area and those who reside in it.

Noise Concern/Issue Report Form

* Please try to include in the aircraft description:

    Registration number (number on the side of the airplane)?

    Did it have a high wing or low wing?

    Was it military or civil?

    What color was the airplane?

** Please try to include in the event details:

    How high do you estimate the aircraft was and on

    what did you base this estimate on? (i.e. a building or general estimate)

    Did you take photographs of the airplane?

    Did other people witnessed the event?

    What direction was the airplane traveling?

Would you like to be contacted by the Airport Adminsitration regarding this concern?