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Airport tenants that have an authentic need to drive in or tow gliders across the movement areas must complete the Airport Driver’s Exam, and be issued an Airport Access Waiver. This waiver is good for two years and will expire on the anniversary of the issue date. Anybody operating in or across the movement areas must have their Access Waiver, a radio, and beacon and/or flag on their person at all times. To get an Airport Access Waiver, please visit the Airport Operations Supervisor in the airport administration building.




Runway 16/34                      Taxiway A


Runway 12/30                      Taxiway S

Runway 30G                          Taxiway B east of Taxiway A

Additional Information

Information on traffic patterns and local procedures for aircraft arriving and departing Minden-Tahoe

An overview of local noise

abatement procedures

Downloadable map of the airport

Required to drive on various

areas of the airport.

Listen to live CTAF and view air traffic operating near the airport

PDF versions of the booklet and exam are available below:

Access Waiver Booklet

Access Waiver Exam